Bushcraft & Survival School

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Woodland Wilderness School is the first bushcraft / survival school in Southern Portugal. We teach outdoor skills in one of Europe’s most remote areas, the Baixo Alentejo. Courses are generally held in English, however individual or small group classes can also be taught in German or Portuguese.


Our schedule though modified and adapted for Europe is based on the teachings of Tom Brown Jr. This  implies the maybe most important characteristics of Woodland Wilderness School. We do not teach survival as a struggle against nature – man against the elements – but as learning to become part of nature again in order to survive. 

This is achieved through a deep understanding of nature, based on observation, skills and awareness, and finally leads to finding man’ s role in the big circle of life. 

Prices, Schedule, Bookings

Apart from the scheduled dates it is always possible to book an extra course for a group or personal training.


April 11-14 Survival 1 (250,- €)

May 5-8 Bushcraft Skills (250,- €)

July 11-14 Lakeside Survival (250,- €)

October 28- 31 Survival 1 (250,- €)

November 1- 4 Survival 2 (250,- €)

November 24- 27 Camp Crafts (250,- €)

December 27- 30 Survival 1 (250,- €)

Please contact us for any further questions.