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Bushcraft & Survival Courses

Woodland Wilderness School is the first bushcraft / survival school in Southern Portugal. We teach outdoor skills in one of Europe’s most remote areas, the Baixo Alentejo. Courses are generally held in English, however individual or small group classes can also be taught in German or Portuguese.


Our schedule though modified and adapted for Europe is based on the teachings of Tom Brown Jr. This  implies the maybe most important characteristics of Woodland Wilderness School. We do not teach survival as a struggle against nature – man against the elements – but as learning to become part of nature again in order to survive. 

This is achieved through a deep understanding of nature, based on observation, skills and awareness, and finally leads to finding man’ s role in the big circle of life. 

Class Contents

Survival I

The Basic Survival course is designed to provide all participants with the basic knowledge to be able to cope with a survival situation. This course is designed to enable the participants to survive long enough till they found their way back to civilisation or rescue teams have found them.

Some skills to be acquired in this course:

  • Shelter and Insulation
  • Finding and cleaning water
  • Fire making
  • Finding and preparing food
  • Basic wildlife and tracking
  • Orientation
  • Camouflage and stalking
  • Primitive hunting (introduction)

Duration 4 days

Survival II – Bushwalker

The advanced survival course is more practical, applying and refining skills from the survival I class and learning new techniques. This course is designed to enable the participants not only to survive in the short term, but to thrive out in the wilderness and therefore goes deeper into bushcraft and primitive skills. It is for extended survival situations or those, who don’t want to get rescued…

Some skills to be acquired in this course:

  • Advanced Shelter building
  • Crafting tools, bowls and vessels
  • Primitive hunting and trapping (advanced)
  • Tanning and smoking
  • Primitive skills
  • Survival cooking
  • Bark-craft
  • Survival bow and arrow

Duration: 4 days


Lakeside Survival

  • Rescue and salvage
  • Construction of a float / primitive canoe
  • Suspension bridges
  • Primitive fishing techniques
  • Fishing Nets and Baskets

Duration: 4 days


Clay Building Workshop

  • Construction of a clay hut (Hogan)
  • Construction of and baking in a clay oven

Duration: 4 days

Nature Based Mysticism

Mysticism is probably as old as mankind itself. Throughout all cultures there were individuals searching for the deeper meaning behind things. In Nature Based Mysticism we try to find the creator within creation. Nature is our sacred book and step by step we learn how to read it.We learn again how to connect to our natural environment and how to interact with our plant and animal fellows on a spiritual level.

This course explicitly goes past the limits of a cientifically trained brain, but it will lead you to a deeper understanding of nature. Not from the outside but from within.

Course duration 4 days

Earth Steward

This course teaches how to take care for a certain landscape and help healing the earth. It is secondary, if it is the own piece of land, or a piece of landscape a person feels responsible for. The earth steward learns wich indicator plants/ animals show an increasing diversity and how to enrich a plot of land. How can he promote and accelerate the natural processes and help the land restoring itself? And how can necessary interventions be carried out in harmony with the natural plant- and animal community?

During the course the students learn to recognize, were in a certain area help is needed and how to apply it.

We lay a special emphasis on areas that were massively disturbed and disrupted through human interference. How can a process of healing be initialised and wounds be closed? How can a renaturalisation be supported and even enhanced?

Duration: 3 days

Prices, Schedule, Bookings


Nature Mystics:    December 20-23. 2021  (250,-€)


Jan 8.-9 Earth Steward (130,- €)

Feb 26- March 1 Survival 1 (250,- €)

March 3- 6 Survival 2 (250,- €)

April 11-14 Survival 1 (250,- €)

May 5-8 Bushcraft Skills (250,- €)

July 11-14 Lakeside Survival (250,- €)

Apart from the scheduled dates it is always possible to book an extra course for a group (min. 4 people) or personal trainings.

Please contact us for any further questions.