Sustainable forest management

Sustainability has gained an increasing importance in recent years.

Modern Forestry tries to work together with nature – not against it. An important pre- condition for this is a detailed knowledge of nature.

In this context some of the following questions might occur:

  • How much wood/cork can be used sustainably?
  • When and with what intensity should the trees be pruned?
  • How can economical and ecological advantages be combined ideally in the special case?
  • What other use patterns can contribute additionally to raise the income from the (forest-)land?
  • How can insect pests be avoided by certain techniques without the use of chemicals?
  • What are the best species to be planted on my piece of land?
  • Which tree belongs on which site?
  • What would the natural vegetation look like?
  • How can several tree- species be mixed avoiding tensions in the struggle for light, water and nutrients?
  • How can a neglected piece of land be accessed without losing its natural character?

To these and further questions we would be pleased to give you our advice and – together with you- search for the best solution for your forest. For larger forest properties we can also work out a management plan.
Further the collaboration with the authorities is part of our service. So for example we offer the proposal of logging licenses and zones of hunting prohibition