Forestation projects

Afforestation projects

Planting trees brings a lot of benefits such as combating erosion, protecting the soil, building a humus layer, creating a micro climate, and a general valorization of the land. In the face of ongoing climate changes that threaten the sensitive Mediterranean region, forest plantations help to combat desertification and keep the land green.

Our reforestation projects are tailored to each particular plot in accordance with your individual preferences and the characteristics of the land.

Usually we plant a mix of mainly indigenous trees that suit the site and enhance the biodiversity of the place, including a certain percentage of food plants for birds, bees and butterflys.

After opening a system of planting rows (micro swales), that help to keep the water in the soil, the trees are professionally planted. A mix of nitrogen fixating herbaceous plants can be seeded simultaneously to provide a primary soil cover and meliorate the site.

If you want to benefit from our long year experience please contact us for a personal estimate.

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